DIY Color Wrapped Plant Hanger


If you are anything like me, you are always on the hunt for something new to hang one of your 21343840298 plants in. Well guys, this is seriously easy, really cute, and so customizable. Seriously, the options are endless. I’m just thinking now, I should have tried one with black cord. Ah! Someone do that it would be so cute.

Anyways, this is all you need…

a. Some type of cord (we used white macrame craft cord).

b. Some type of string or yarn (we used crochet thread).

c. Scissors

Step 1:  You are going to want to cut 4 strips of cord that are of equal length.

The length really depends on where you plan to hang it and how low you want it to hang. Keep in mind the strips will be folded in half so times the length you decide on by two. We did ours 8 ft. long. I always like to do it a little longer than I calculate so there is room for error. You can always trim it down at the end if it is too long.

Step 2: Cut a small fifth strip that is about 6-7″ long. You will tie that strip in a knot to create a loop like below.

Step 3: Drape the long strips through the loop (over the knot) until they are centered, with equal length on each side.

Step 4: Choose your string and start wrapping. We wrapped ours about 3 inches down, but just follow your heart.

Step 5: Tie off and repeat step 4 about 8-10 inches from the bottom (or however long you want your fringy tassel at the bottom to be).

Step 6: Hang somewhere beautiful and enjoy!

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