Kerstin’s Living Room Tour

Kerstin doesn’t think she’s a good writer, so here I am writing this post for her. I promise I will make her write eventually. When I asked her what she’d like to say about the room she said…

“I guess my thoughts on this room are.. I used what I had. I knew I would be spending a lot of our budget furnishing the more main areas of the house like the kitchen and family room. So this room is kind of a collection of pieces I wasn’t using in other rooms. But what I love about it is that when you walk in it has great vibes. It’s inviting, and makes you want to come in and chill. I love that it isn’t formal, because we aren’t formal.”


Amen to that. Is anyone formal anymore? People decorate their living rooms all formal and then never use them because formal = uninviting. So I love that Kerst was like, lets throw a daybed in there and just cool it. Kerstin has always been unconventional that way and I love it. I mean, she’s had a vanity in her living room for a few years, and when you hear that it sounds weird but when you see it, it just works.

When we first looked at the house we were like bead board, really? It was an awful green color and it just drew so much attention to itself. Once it was painted white though, it could really take a backseat to what else what going on in the room, and it just kind of works.

Kerstin has this bright bohemian eclectic style so everything just kind of goes together, and can be rearranged from one room to another pretty seamlessly. I really love how these pieces came together though, they create a really great fun space that you just want to lounge around in all day.

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