Little Boho Tea Party

My little niece Lola just turned 5, and had her first friend birthday party. I would say despite the chaos caused by 8 little girls in one room, it was an overall success. We had a lot of “This is the best tea party ever,” and “this just keeps getting better and better!” and what more of a response could you possibly want from little girls?

We made this little wood bohemian table from a couple of 1×6 boards from Home Depot. We used walnut, which turned out beautiful but ended up being really expensive. So, I think you could use pine or really whatever you can find and still achieve similar vibes. We also found the cute little legs there.

We found this cute little mismatch tea set on Etsy, similar to this one, and made these little floral birthday hats. They took some time and, I’m fairly sure, caused a dozen hot glue gun burns but they turned out incredibly adorable. Some stayed on better than others, in hindsight I would maybe glue them on to head bands instead of just using ribbon to tie them on.

Half of the floor pillows were just pillows my sister already had, but the little round cushions we found for like $2 a piece, I found a similar deal here. The final touch was the floral hanging from the ceiling. We just got some fresh floral and hung it from strings tacked into the ceiling. It was really easy and really helped turn the dining room into the perfect little tea party space. 

For the “tea” we just mixed together some raspberry lemonade concentrate, sprite, and frozen raspberries. It was really tasty and the girls loved it. We also cut up some cute donuts and served some fruit. It was the perfect little snack for a tea party.

Afterward we helped them put together their own little fairy gardens, which are apparently all the rage. We got all the goods to make them from Hobby Lobby. Long live Hobby Lobby and all it’s random crap, am I right? We put one together before hand, and I’m really glad we did because it helped us do it a lot faster at the party which is important when you have 8 little ladies waiting on you.

I’d say this was a little boho tea party success. Now someone pls put this much effort into a little bday part for me. ha. Big 2-7 is approaching quickly, maybe I will throw myself a tea party.

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